Without Spending Hours in Therapy or

Trying Things Completely Out of Your Comfort Zone


Unlock the Secrets to Deep Connection and Mind-Blowing Pleasure





The Love, Sex and You! Community will revolutionize

your love life and relationships

with simple steps that fit comfortably within

your everyday routine.


Because you deserve strong love, great friendships and passionate sex.

It’s time to re-ignite the passion you once had.


Over time, it's easy to disconnect from our partners.


Does this sound like your relationship?

✔️  The hectic pace of life caused you to grow apart and not feel as close.

 ✔️   You feel more like roommates than lovers.

✔️   Your communication isn't great. 

✔️   Your sex life isn't that exciting or worse yet, it's non-existent.

✔️   He rarely touches youYou miss feeling cherished and desired, when sex was great.

✔️   Ugh. You worry that this is it - your love and sex life won't get better.


But hey, you think, my life is pretty good overall. I should be happy.


In fact, compared to other people, your life is really good. So, you feel like you shouldn't complain.

But ... and this is a BIG but ...

It's not enough.

Yup. It's not enough. It's not enough. It's not enough.

So don't should on yourself.

You miss how things were when you first got together.  You were so in love. You couldn't keep your hands off one another. You could talk for hours.

And now, crickets. Or you talk about the kids or the house. And, you're tired. All of the time.

Sex is another thing on your to-do list.

Does that sound like you? I get it. Been there. Done that.

And it's ok if it's not enough for you.

Because you deserve better.

Imagine how you would feel if you reignited passion. 


✔️  Your partner's eyes would light up when you entered the room.

✔️  You would feel emotionally close and connected.

✔️  You would both plan special dates and new experiences.

✔️  You would look forward to sex and exploring intimacy with your partner.

✔️  You would feel confident in your sexual skills.

✔️  You would know how to talk to your partner about sex.

✔️  You would feel valued and cherished.


How would your life change?


Where would you go?

What would you do together?

How happy would you be every day? 

What dreams would you explore?

How excited would you be to hang out with your partner?

How would you create a magnificent life together?

And what about the great sex that you'd ignite?

Imagine your new sex life. 


✔️  Sex would be fun again.

✔️  You and your partner would explore new, exhilarating sex.

✔️  You would have toe-curling sex.

✔️  You would feel sexually desired.

✔️  You would initiate sex without worrying about being rejected.

✔️  Dreading sex would be a thing of the past.

✔️  You would delight in satisfying, great sex!


Imagine living the rest of your life feeling

this much love and happiness.


Ready to get your spark back?


The good news is you absolutely can!

It starts with learning some simple things to reignite your love and spark your sexual intimacy.


And guess what, no one teaches us about love and sex growing up. 


So if you feel silly, don't. You are not alone!

I've helped LOTS and LOTS of people (including myself) go from feeling just OK to being enthralled with the magic and excitement of feeling alive and in love.

Plus, as a sex therapist, I know TONS about sex. And I know how to make you feel really comfortable and safe to explore the world of sexual pleasure.

And the other thing that's helpful ... I've walked in your shoes.

Are You Ready for a Life Filled with Magnificent Love and Great Sex?


Become a member of the Love, Sex and You! Community



The Great Sex Community stands for


❤️  acceptance

❤️  kindness

❤️  encouragement

❤️  joy

❤️  empowerment

Here's How the Love, Sex and You! Community Works

Join Our Community

Decide you are ready for a life filled with more love, better relationships and enjoyable sex and sign up.  

Learn and Grow

Participate in the live workshops, online community and group coaching experiences with Dr. Heather.

Transform Your Relationship and Your Intimacy

Apply what you learn to strengthen your love, your relationships and create new and wonderful ways to approach sexual intimacy.

What is the Love, Sex and You! Community?


✔️   A PRIVATE online membership for only WOMEN

✔️   A stress-free and safe place to chat openly about love, relationships and sex

✔️   Resources to help you love yourself and reignite love and sexual magic in your life 

✔️   Live teaching and group coaching with Love Filled Life's Dr. Heather

✔️   Fun activities and events to help you feel like you belong in this wonderful group of women

 ✔️  A roadmap of simple things you can do to transform your relationship and sex life

❊  Imagine a safe space with women who quickly become close girlfriends where you can be real and learn all about love and sex 

without fear of judgement or shame.


❊  Imagine what it would be like to support one another through your journey to strengthen your relationship and create great sex.


No shame. No judgement.


Here's some of what you will learn:

A Strong Foundation

Learn about values, individual and shared dreams, the impact of retirement, kids and grandkids, ways to grow closer.


Learn how to talk, how to have conflict (and actually resolve it), about love languages and showing love and how to get your needs met.

Love & Intimacy

Learn about the types of intimacy, especially emotional intimacy. Learn how to strengthen your emotional intimacy.

Fabulous Sex

Learn all about having better sex: how you define sex, what turns you on, setting yourself up for success, myths, pleasure, & outercourse.

What Women Want

Learn what women want sexually and explore what feels good to you. Learn what you need your partner to do for you and how to tell them.

What Men Want

Learn all about what men want sexually and what feels good to them. Learn where and how to touch them and how to delight them in bed.

Spice it Up!

Learn about sex toys, fantasies, role play, BDSM and in general, how to go from vanilla to whatever degree of spice you like.

Sexual Problems

Learn highlights of  common sexual challenges such as pain, dryness, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low desire and inability to orgasm.

Are You Ready to Strengthen

Your Love and Sexual Intimacy?


Join the Founder's Launch of the Love, Sex and You! Community


Become a Founding Member of the Great Sex Community.

What's that mean?

✔️  You would be one of a small, hand-selected group of people to have first access to the Great Sex Community, trainings, resources and online coaching.

✔️  You'll learn how to revitalize your love and sex life at the special Founder's discounted rate.

✔️  You'll receive access to a closed membership community of others going through the same experience.

✔️  Your future access to the membership community will always be at a Founding Member reduced rate.

✔️ You'll be able to participate in live group coaching and training sessions with Dr. Heather (or watch them later).

More Details ...


✔️  The Love, Sex and You! Community Founding Member launch is scheduled for February 2024. What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day!

✔️  We will meet monthly for 2-3 live workshops

✔️  The live teaching will be recorded, so if you have to miss a week, it's ok.

✔️  You will receive access to helpful resources to supplement the workshops.

✔️  You'll receive access to an online community with other women so everyone can connect and learn from one another. I've found that this connection has been very meaningful.

✔️  Founding members are very special to me. I want everyone to be successful and am excited to connect with you on your love journey.

Join the Love, Sex and You! Community


You matter.

Your love and sex life matter.


Don't spend the rest of your life wondering what it could have been like.


Take the next step to strengthen your relationship with your partner and learn how you to vastly improve your sex life.


Imagine One Year from Today ...

What does your relationship look like?  Are you showing up in your relationship the way you want to?  Do you feel loved and cherished? Are you having the magnificent sex you want?

happy mixed race couple

Why I Created the Great Sex Community

As a Certified Sex Therapist and Relationship expert, I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their relationships and their sex lives.

As a woman who grew up with a family that never talked about sex, I had to overcome sexual shame and low desire. 

Luckily, I knew what we needed to do to have great sex.

And not only did we improve our sex life, but we grew even closer and more in love than ever.

I want to use my experience to help you.

You deserve to:

✔️  feel great about yourself

✔️  have a deeply rich love life

✔️  and enjoy fabulous sex 

Stop feeling disappointed in your relationship. Go from loneliness...

frustrated by erectile dysfunction
sexual confidence with erectile dysfunction

To meaningful connection and pleasurable sex

Not Ready Yet? That's OK! 

In the meantime, you can access resources on Love Filled Life, read the blog and sign up for the 69 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life Guide.