To Enhance Your Love and Sexual Pleasure 

Welcome to this page full of great information about sex toys.

Sex toys are a great way to introduce variety and fun into your sex play. There are oodles available on the market and so much depends upon your personal preferences. This is not an exhaustive list but enough to get you started in the right direction.

When buying a sex toy, consider whether you need it to come in discreet packaging and whether or not you want your order to be private.  (e.g. your family shares an Amazon account). My preferred vendors are local shops, Lelo, Hot Cherry, Good Vibrations, Liberator, Zumio and Amazon. If you are looking for lingerie, role play and BDSM outfits, check out Hot Cherry's or Good Vibration's collection.

If you are concerned about privacy, I recommend you open an incognito window on your browser when you search for sex toys.  That way, you won't have an ad pop up in your search or social media feed later on.  Click HERE for instructions. 

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Please note that some of the items are affiliate links, which means that I'll receive a small commission if you choose to buy it through the links on this page. There is no additional cost to you and no obligation to purchase through my site. I wanted to be upfront and let you know that!

Clitoral Stimulators

This is tough because there are so many wonderful options but this is my short list of favorites!

The Sona™ 2 Cruise

The SONA™ 2 clitoral stimulator uses SenSonic™ technology to stimulate the clitoris.  It's hands down, one of the most popular items at Lelo and has consistently been the top rated sex toy on Amazon and by Cosmopolitan. It helps you achieve a quick, yet powerful orgasm with direct contact to your clitoris.

Click to buy from LELO  

The Sila ™

This is a new Love Filled Life favorite! Redefine the meaning of pleasure with SILA™, a clitoral vibrator created for self-love exploration. Discover a new way of foreplay and tease yourself to reach climax slowly. As gentle waves surge from the tip of your clitoris, reach the intense orgasm of your dreams, and soar to new heights of ecstasy. SILA™ builds your sexual experience with its softer, deeper, and overall bigger mouth that will give you complete satisfaction from top to bottom.

Click to buy from LELO  or buy from AMAZON


LELO DOT™ is an innovative clitoral vibrator optimized for multiple orgasms, sending novel sensations across the clitoris and externally on other erogenous areas, unlike traditional vibrators that may numb the area around the clitoris.

Click to buy from LELO   

The ZUMIO Series™

Zumio™ clitoral stimulators are innovative clitoral vibrators designed for solo play or for ease of reaching the clitoris during penetration, to help you to orgasm during penetration. 

Click to buy from ZUMIO  


This is tough because there are so many wonderful options!

Click to buy from LELO  or buy from AMAZON

The Gigi™ 2

GIGI™ 2 is a G-spot vibrator that takes orgasms to a whole new level. Its curved and flattened tip accurately targets your sweet spot.

Click to buy from LELO  or buy from AMAZON

The Smart Wand™ 2  

The Smart Wand™ 2 is a wand vibrator that can be used on both of your bodies. This compact massager offers ten different massage patterns for any erogenous zone you care to explore, including the clitoral area. It comes in medium size, making it convenient to use on the go.

Click to buy from LELO  or buy from AMAZON

INA Wave™ 2

INA Wave™ 2 rabbit vibe offers a revolutionary exploration of your body, with more power and a wider range of intensities. 

Click to buy from LELO  or buy from AMAZON

The Magic Wand (Rechargable)

A cordless version of the original Hitachi Magic Wand which was made famous by a sex therapist named Betty Dodson when she used it in workshops as a vibrator.  It became the Cadillac of vibrators for years and is still widely used today. This is called a wand vibrator.

Click to buy from AMAZON or buy this or others from HOT CHERRY

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

A cordless rabbit vibrator that stimulates your clitoris and your g-spot.

Click to buy from HOT CHERRY


PlusOne Bullet Vibrator

An inexpensive and small vibrator that stimulates your clitoris.

Click to buy from AMAZON.

We-Vibe Tango X Bullet Vibrator

The Tango X has eight vibrating modes that the user controls via the simple two-button control panel on the top of the toy. Take it with you on your travels as it is small and discreet and looks like lipstick from afar.

Click to buy from HOT CHERRY

Toys for Couples

Liberator Wedge

The Liberator wedge is a ramp that helps you position your body for optimal sexual pleasure as you try various positions.  They have a number of options.

Click to buy from LIBERATOR or AMAZON

The Wartenburg Wheel

The Wartenburg wheel is a sensory toy to delight your partner.

Click to buy from HOT CHERRY or AMAZON


It simultaneously offers internal and external stimulation.

Click to buy from LELO.


This just looks like fun!

Click to buy from AMAZON.


Click to buy from AMAZON.


Click to buy from AMAZON.


Click to buy from AMAZON.


This, like the Wartenburg wheel and the flogger can be used over your partner's body to give them new sensual experiences.

Click to buy from HOT CHERRY


Click to buy from HOT CHERRY


Click to buy from HOT CHERRY

Dildo's and Strap On's

Dildo's are either realistic or unrealistic, made of materials such as silicone, glass or metal and can be handheld or worn as strap on's with some type of harness for penetrative sex. There is a huge variety available on HOT CHERRY.

King Cock 6 Inch Realistic Dildo

  • Buy from HOT CHERRY
  • Suction cup 
  • Can use in a harness
  • Multiple flesh shades

Mustang Vixen VixSkin Realistic Dildo 6.5 Inch

  • Buy from LOVEHONEY
  • Buy from AMAZON
  • Flared suction base; can be used with a harness
  • Multiple flesh shades

Pegging Dildo

The Njoy Pure G Spot Metal Wand

  • Buy from HOT CHERRY
  • Buy from AMAZON
  • Stainless Steel
  • Approx 8" from end to end
  • Comes Packed in sleeved box with satin interior.
  • Non-porous finish so it will last.

Fifty Shades of Grey Drive Me Crazy Glass Massage Wand

  • Buy from HOT CHERRY 
  • Can use warmed or cold
  • Approx 7" 
  • Can be used vaginally or anally.

Icicles No 5 Sapphire Spiral Glass Dildo 7 Inch

  • Buy from HOT CHERRY
  • Can use warmed or cold
  • Approx 7" 
  • Can be used vaginally or anally.

Crystal Glass Dildo

  • Buy from AMAZON
  • Can use warmed or cold
  • Approx 8" from end to end
  • Can be used vaginally or anally.

Spareparts Hardwear Unisex Joque Strap-On Harness

spareparts hardwear joque dildo harness

Strap-On Harness Shorts

SpareParts Tomboi Harness Briefs

Anal Toys

If you are a beginner at anal play, start small and work your way up.  Always make sure you have good hygiene and wash your toys well. Use a generous amount of lube as anal tissue is sensitive. You may want to consider a starter set to get you used to the feeling of something inserted anally. See Toys for Men for prostate toys.

Akstore 3 Pcs Luxury Jewelry Design Fetish Anal Butt Plug(Pink)

A 3 pack of cute butt plugs to try different sizes.

Click to buy from AMAZON

4PCS Anal Plug Set Silicone Anal Butt Plug Adult Sex Toys for Women,Men and Beginners

Various graduated sizes of silicone butt plugs.

Click to buy buy from AMAZON

Pride Anal Dildo Plug

  • 5.25 of insertable premium, medical grade (platinum-cured) silicone in Pride colors.
  • Buy from HOT CHERRY

Zero Tolerance Wicked Twister Rechargeable Butt Plug

  • Easy insertion, vibrating butt plug
  • Buy from HOT CHERRY

Toys for Men


HUGO™ is a remote-controlled prostate massager with eight pleasure settings suitable for coupled or solo play. 

Click to buy from LELO 

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator

Medium priced male masturbator.

Click to buy from AMAZON

F1S™ V2

The F1S™ V2 is a high end penis stimulator. It's a type of fleshlight. Please note that if your penis is larger than average when it's hard, this might be a bit snug for you.

Click to buy from LELO  or buy from AMAZON

Toys for Erectile Dysfunction

You can also try wearing a dildo and harness.  Just make sure you don't jam your penis in the process.  Choose a harness that allows your penis to hang free or stay snugly out of the way.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux Masturbator with Remote

This masturbator can be used on a hard or soft penis.

Click to buy from HOT CHERRY

Vush Sol Vibrating Stroker

The Sol is a vibrating penis stroker designed to provide enhanced stimulation to the penis. It hugs the penis shaft; the underside has soft ribbing to gently stimulate the penis. Plus, the flexible wings let you adjust the grip strength, the shaft size, and the sensations the Sol offers.

Click to buy from HOT CHERRY

Cock Rings

There are a ton of penis rings or cock rings on the market, from simple stretchy silicone rings to those that adjust by cinching down.  You can also buy some that vibrate.

Click to buy from AMAZON.


Tracey Cox EDGE Automatic Suction Rechargeable Penis Pump

Penis pumps help improve erections.  Rechargeable pumps are easier to use than ones you manually pump. Again, there are many on the market, so read the reviews.

Click to buy from LOVEHONEY or a different version on AMAZON.


TOR™ 2

TOR™ 2 is a sophisticated, high-end couples' ring that enhances the sensations for both partners during sex. It is fully waterproof so you can use it in the bath or shower.

Click to buy from LELO.

Various Vibrating Cock Rings

There are oodles of vibrating cock rings at every price range. They are typically designed to add extra clitoral stimulation while giving you the snugness of a cock ring.  The extra vibrations may also feel good on your penis.

Click to buy from HOT CHERRY or AMAZON  

Miscellaneous - lubes, massage oils

Great sex often requires lubricant to keep things slippery enough for pleasure.

Various Lubes

Lubes help with manual touch, reducing sex toy friction and making penetration easier and less painful, whether it's vaginal or anal penetration. Always use a water-based lube, NOT a silicone lube, on a silicone sex toy. If you are at all concerned about the lube's impact on your lube, do a small test spot overnight to make sure the lube doesn't degrade the silicone of your toy. Click on the images to read more about these lubes or visit Hot Cherry or Good Vibrations.

Moisturizing Lubricants

As women age, and especially as we become post-menopausal, our skin becomes drier and more fragile. It's important to moisturize your vulva region and vagina on a regular basis in order to keep it healthy and supple. Moisturizing lubricants are different from regular lubes and are recommended for those with drier or more fragile skin.

Massage Oils

There are a variety of massage oils to take a simple massage up several notches! Try warming oils or edible massage oils. Make sure you check to ensure they are safe near your vulva area or use them elsewhere on your body. Click the images to read more about each of these products.