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Your Best Year

Your Best Year

I've been thinking a lot about how we often approach the new year. Our goals are all focused on doing things that will make the next year our Best Year.

I'm not a fan of laundry lists of resolutions or goals, but I am a big fan of being intentional about our choices and our lives.

And I am a really big fan of living our best lives.

Create Your Best Year

As you start 2023, instead of a list of resolutions, what if you change your mindset that 2023 is going to be your best year?

What if 2023 was your groundhog day and you were destined to live it again and again for all eternity? What would you do differently?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said,

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”

How can you make each day the best?

Justin Welsh, a wildly famous entrepreneur, posted on LinkedIn about "anti-goals." He said:

91% of us won't achieve our New Year's resolutions. So, don't bother setting them in 2023.

Instead, try Anti-Goals.

These are basically the opposite of your traditional goal.

Where you look at your life, find the most undesirable parts of it, and stop doing those things.

I set out to do this in late 2021 and incorporated anti-goals into 2022.

Here's what happened:

- I stopped scheduling obligatory meetings

- For meetings I wanted, I capped them at 30 min.

- I shut down all Slack channels that I was a part of.

- I seized control of any project that was managed by someone else.

Revenue 2x'ed. Life quality 10x'ed.

So, instead of being part of the 91% who set unrealistic new year's resolutions, and then failed to change the world, I succeeded in changing my own world.

The Take-Away:

I like what Justin wrote, but I don't think you can have just anti-goals.

I plan to do the following this year:

Stop doing some of the things that don't bring me joy and start doing more things that bring me joy.

I'm going to rally my actions around the words "Best Day" as I try to make 2023 the Best Year.

It will set my intention as I approach each day. I like the idea of having "Best Day" be my mantra more than a laundry list of goals and resolutions. I know it will keep me focused on living my best life.

I hope you can make 2023 be your best year!

So what's your takeaway? How can you create your best year?

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