Erectile Dysfunction Help For Men and Partners

training to fix erectile dysfunction

Are you looking for help with erectile dysfunction (ED). This post is for anyone who has erection problems and for their partners. What if you could stop feeling frustrated and disappointed by erection problems and start feeling sexually confident?  What if you could work together to manage ED and enjoy pleasurable sex? Would you be interested in learning a roadmap to take charge of your sexual health and transform your sexual intimacy? If so, you might be interested in the Erectile Dysfunction Masterclass.

ED makes most people feel so badly about themselves. They often stop having sex or end up having very disappointing sex. They also gradually stop all forms of intimacy and touch, and their partner feels ignored, unloved and not sexually desired. It can take a toll on your relationship and cause you to end up as roommates, not lovers.

ED can occur every time or periodically. You may be frustrated, discouraged, and confused about why ED happens sometimes and not others.  You may also be really worried about your sexual abilities and worry that you aren’t enough for your partner.

Do you want to know what you can do right now to improve your ED, your sex life, and your relationship?

This course can help you.  It’s filled with helpful info that will help you learn to manage ED and work with your spouse or partner to create magnificent sexual intimacy.

As a Certified Sex Therapist in private practice, I’ve worked with numerous men struggling with ED and also with their spouses or partners.  I’ve seen firsthand how much ED impacts their lives. They feel so ashamed of their ED and suffer alone. I was getting calls from more men than I could help through traditional counseling. I wanted to help as many people as possible have better sexual intimacy despite ED, so I decided to create this course.

The ED Masterclass is for you if ...

  • You want to learn in the privacy of your own home instead of office visits with a sex therapist
  • You are motivated to enhance your sexual wellness and feel sexually confident
  • You want to learn how to have magnificent sex while coping with ED
  • Erection-enhancing drugs aren’t fixing your ED

The course includes access to 10 training modules, handouts and 4 Q&A group sessions with a certified sex therapist. Your partner can take the course with you for no additional cost. It’s completely online and self-paced over the course of 4-weeks, but you’ll have lifetime access to the materials.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
• The facts and myths about manhood, sex and ED and how popular media sends us the wrong messages about what a real man is and what sex is.
• How your body is wired to respond sexually and what you can do to increase your arousal.
• How aging impacts your erections.
• What causes erection issues. Knowing the cause of your erection issues will help you to figure out what to do to enhance erections.
• The role of anxiety and how it contributes to erection issues.
• Medical and non-medical treatments to help you get and stay hard during sex.
• What turns you on and pumps up your arousal.
• How you and your partner can set up the right situation for magnificent sex.
• Ways to expand your sexual pleasure.
• How your partner can support you and team with you when you experience erection issues.
• How cancer treatment impacts your erections.
• A Bonus: the latest sex toys and how to use them to enhance your pleasure

One in every five men in the US has ED, and those numbers go up substantially as you get older. But it often feels like you are the only person suffering from ED because no one talks about it.

Imagine your sex life one year from today. What do you want it to be like? 

Are you having the sex you want and experiencing pleasure and meaningful connection with your spouse/partner or are your erection troubles holding you back?

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