Worrying About Sexual Performance Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Worry about sexual performance causes erection problems

Did you know that Performance Anxiety is one of the top causes of erectile dysfunction. It can also contribute to continued erectile issues even if you have a medical cause for your erectile dysfunction.

Performance anxiety is the stress you feel to please your partner sexually using your penis, typically, through intercourse. You can also think of it as performance worry, which is a worry that you will not get or maintain an erection and thus not “perform” good enough sexually with a partner. 

Does that sound like you?  Do you have thoughts like:

"Will I get hard?"

"Am I getting hard?"

"Am I hard enough?"

"I need to have intercourse before I lose my erection."

"Is she getting mad at me because I'm not hard?"

"Oh no, I'm getting soft!" 

"What will my partner think about me?"

"What's wrong with me?"

If that sounds like you, then you have performance anxiety.

Every person I treat for erectile dysfunction talks about the performance pressures they feel to please their partner and to get and keep an erection.  It makes complete sense as it just takes one time of having erection problems to cause a cycle of worrisome thoughts that lead to future erection issues and erectile dysfunction.

I sat down one day and created a free training on performance anxiety so I could help as many people as possible.

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